The Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

Being outdoors in Eagle County not only benefits your physical health, but your mental health as well. In this special "field trip" episode of Elevating Health, Chris Lindley heads to Eagle to speak with Mike Brumbaugh of Venture Sports about the mental and behavioral health positives of gravel biking.

Live Well: Embracing Anxiety

Do you feel nervous, sweaty and anxious before a major sporting event or important work presentation? That anxiety is real and it is not unique. Listen to Sami Gothberg from Your Hope Center and Dr. Harlan Austin from Howard Head Performance teach us ways to embrace this anxiety and move through it.

John Shipp: The Spirit of Perseverance

John wants people to know it’s ok to struggle, that it doesn’t mean you’re weak or a lesser person. He understands the topics of mental health and addiction are uncomfortable for some, to which he says, “Well, it’s time to get uncomfortable.” He shares his story to show others a way toward hope.

Live Well: Mental Health Terms

Improve your thoughts and ways to cope with different levels of stress and emotional ups and downs. Learn more about mental health terms, what they mean and the signs and symptoms to look for.

Building Resilience in Teens

More than ever teens have been met with a host of challenges with an endless expectation for them to adapt whether that is in school, spending time with friends, sports, isolating and more. It’s tough for our teens to thrive in this environment. Join Alex Yannacone, an expert in the field of mental health, for this important topic as she discusses skills and strategies to help teens build resilience, reduce stress and learn about resources available to them.