Colorado Mountain Medical’s Behavioral Health Team WINS Award

Colorado Mountain Medical’s Behavioral Health Team has won the 2022 Vail Valley Partnership "Chairman's Award." Congratulations to Colorado Mountain Medical! Casey Wolfington and Chris Lindley have the details on why Colorado Mountain Medical won this distinguished award, and what it means for our community.

The Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

Being outdoors in Eagle County not only benefits your physical health, but your mental health as well. In this special "field trip" episode of Elevating Health, Chris Lindley heads to Eagle to speak with Mike Brumbaugh of Venture Sports about the mental and behavioral health positives of gravel biking.

Integrated Behavioral Health | Saving Lives in Eagle County

Integrated Behavioral Health at Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical is saving lives, and preventing patients with behavioral health crises from spending a night in the emergency room. That's not only alleviating a burden on emergency rooms, it's saving Eagle County locals hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills. Shannatay Bergeron of Colorado Mountain Medical and Kala Bettis of Vail Health Behavioral Health have the details on how Integrated Behavioral Health helps providers recognize a patient in need, and get them the right care that they need.

Olivia's Fund: Not Just for Kids

Olivia's Fund can help anyone who lives and works in Eagle County, and demonstrates a financial need, to get behavioral health assistance. Dr. Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, and Dr. Harlan Austin of Howard Head Sports Medicine and Vail Health, have the details.

How to be an Ally to the LGBT Community

Madison Partridge, Executive Director of Mountain Pride, and Megan Vogt, Licensed Professional Counselor in the Vail Valley, discuss "allyship," and how straight or cisgender folks can show up and support their local friends and family within our LGBT community.

The State of Behavioral Health in Eagle County | May 2022

Chris Lindley and Casey Wolfington of Vail Health and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health provide a community update on the current state of behavioral health and behavioral health services available in Eagle County. There's good news, and more to come as Vail Health and its partners work diligently now and into the future to combat the behavioral health crisis. They also brief the community on resources available in the event they need to address a substance abuse or behavioral health issue.

The Community Outreach Program & Medicaid Enrollment at Vail Health

Cinthia Chavez and Madeline Calel, both of Vail Health's Community Outreach Program, detail for our community what the program is, and in particular, how it assists folks in Eagle County enroll in Medicaid. Cinthia and Madeline also touch on upcoming changes to Medicaid post-COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, call the Community Outreach Program main line at 970-422-3039, or at the Mira Bus at 970-688-0001.

All Insurance Types Accepted for Behavioral Health Appointments

Whether you have Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance through your employer, or no insurance at all, there are options in Eagle County to enable you and your family to access behavioral health services. Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health has the details.

The NEW 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, Explained

If you or a loved one are in need of behavioral health crisis support, there's a new number to call instead of 9-1-1. It's 9-8-8. In this episode, Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, and Teresa Haynes of Your Hope Center, have all the details.

Healing Through Peer Support

After losing her father and brother to drugs and alcoholism, Kayla Weber shares how she uses her grief experience to help others through theirs as a Peer Support Leader at Vail Health's Eagle Valley Behavioral Health.

Meet Joe Drew | Nurse Practitioner at Colorado Mountain Medical

Practicing as an Nurse Practitioner for four years and many years prior as an RN, Joe Drew enjoys working with patients to help manage chronic pain medication, dealing with pain after a surgery, working with people who are managing their addictions, and with medical detox administration. Addiction psychiatry is its own specialty and Joe does treat patients with addictions needing Suboxone or other specific addiction medications. He is passionate about all aspects of living in Eagle County, especially being with his family in the outdoors.

Caregiver Connections - what is it?

Caregiver Connections, formerly known as Eagle Valley Senior Life, was founded in 2011 by a group of caregivers and other invested individuals in response to the need for services and programs for older adults who require full-time care. Wendy Miller from Caregiver Connections sits down with Kirsten Conner to discuss all the positive impacts Caregiver Connections has on our community, and what resources might be available to you if you care for an aging parent or family member in the Vail valley.

When and how to use Your Hope Center's "Community Stabilization Program"

The Community Stabilization program from Your Hope Center in Eagle County is here for you. Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and Teresa Haynes of Your Hope Center have the details on when and how to use the service. During trying times like these when behavioral health services are in high demand, Your Hope Center is here for our community.

Medication Management––what is it?

Medication management is a critical service for our community. Shannatay Bergeron of Colorado Mountain Medical joins Joe Drew, a nurse practitioner who specializes in medication management, to get the full details.

The new Edwards Community Health Campus, Explained

The new/upcoming Edwards Community Health Campus will bring more behavioral health services to Eagle County. Get the latest information on the project from Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and Shannatay Bergeron of Colorado Mountain Medical.

Is Climate Change Making You Anxious?

Do you find yourself casually remarking on the declining snowfall each year, wishing for more powder days like we used to have? Or, is your worry exacerbated by thoughts of a drier summer, more potential wildfires nearby and melting glaciers far away?

Youth Behavioral Health Beds Crisis

Nationally, there is a crisis in a lack of behavioral health beds available for our youth population. Many end up instead in emergency rooms. Luckily, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, Vail Health, and other behavioral health partners in Eagle County are working together to provide ample behavioral health beds to our youth. Chris Lindley and Casey Wolfington have the full details.

Superando obstáculos hacia una vida físicamente activa

En este video Kyler y Pricilla hablan sobre la importancia de la actividad física y las formas en que usted puede hacer que el ejercicio menos intimidante y más agradable. Pricilla abre el video compartiendo que en el pasado, el gimnasio era un lugar muy intimidante. Ella solía pensar que para ser considerado saludable se requería ser un atleta o hacer ejercicio 5 veces a la semana. Ahora que es mayor se da cuenta de que la actividad física no es algo intimide. Y por el contrario, la actividad fisica es algo muy placentero. Pricilla y Kyler hablan sobre las diferentes barreras que nos impiden vivir un estilo de vida activo y cómo superarlas. Pricilla amplía la importancia de tener la mentalidad correcta hacia la actividad física. La actividad física regular es una de las cosas más importantes que puede hacer por su salud. Pricilla y Kyler terminan el video mencionando algunas actividades locales divertidas en las que usted y su familia pueden participar.

LGBT+ 101: What you need to know

Madison Partridge, Executive Director of Mountain Pride, and Megan Vogt, Licensed Professional Counselor in the Vail Valley, discuss the latest information on the LGBT+ community, including how to properly use pronouns in 2022.

How to Support our LGBT+ children

Madison Partridge, Executive Director of Mountain Pride, and Megan Vogt, Licensed Professional Counselor in the Vail Valley, discuss how parents can support their LGBT children, and techniques on how to communicate with your children that foster and protect them.