Vail Health Behavioral Health does not want finances to prevent anyone from receiving the behavioral health services they want or need. We partner with a variety of organizations to ease financial constraints. Some organizations help with everyday expenses or unexpected medical bills, while others can offer financial assistance to pay for behavioral health services. Explore the options below for more information.

Olivia’s Fund will provide financial assistance to anyone who lives or works in Eagle County to help pay for mental health and/or substance use services for up to six sessions per person per year. This Fund will cover anyone in need of behavioral health services, regardless of insurance or immigration status. To apply for assistance, please visit and complete the Olivia’s Fund patient application in English or Spanish.

Do You Have Medicaid?

Vail Health Behavioral Health accepts Medicaid as a health insurance option. Medicaid covers all costs associated with behavioral health services, including outpatient therapy, psychiatry and medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and other substances. If you have Medicaid and need behavioral health services, schedule an appointment by calling (970) 455-2489.

If you don’t have Medicaid but would like to see if you could qualify, our community outreach specialists can help. Schedule a Medicaid enrollment appointment with a member of our team by calling (970) 422-3039 or emailing


Is Your Medicaid Status Changing?

If you receive health coverage through Colorado's Medicaid program(s), Health First Colorado or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), your eligibility is reviewed annually. 

Some individuals will have their coverage automatically renewed based on the most recent information already on file with the state. Auto-renewed individuals will receive a letter 60-70 days before their renewal deadline stating that their health coverage has been renewed for another twelve months. If you receive this letter, no additional action is needed at this time.

Individuals who are not auto-renewed will need to go through the renewal process to see if they still qualify for Health First Colorado or CHP+.

The Renewal Process:
  • A renewal packet will be sent in the mail (and online at about 60-70 days before an individual's renewal deadline.
  • Additional renewal notifications will be sent through the mail or electronically through email, text message and/or by push notification if an individual has the Health First Colorado app and has opted in to receive electronic notifications.
  • Individuals must complete, sign and submit their renewal by the deadline specified in their packet, even if there are no changes.
How and Where to Complete the Renewal Process: Individuals living in Eagle County can also work with Vail Health Behavioral Health's community outreach specialists directly on their Medicaid renewal or enrollment. Get connected with the community outreach team at (970) 422-3039 or

If you have additional questions regarding the Medicaid renewal process in Colorado please see Health First Colorado's FAQs.


Don't Have Insurance or Need Help Getting It?

Medicaid & Other Insurance Enrollment Programs:

The Vail Health Behavioral Health community outreach team can assist with Medicaid screening and enrollment. Community outreach specialists help individuals with the entire application process from start to finish. If Medicaid is not available, a community outreach specialist can assist with connecting individuals to other insurance options. Bilingual services are available to anyone in Eagle County regardless of documentation status. To get started, please call (970) 422-3039 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:  Spanish & English

Other Financial Resources:

A Way Out

A Way Out supports, empowers, and educates the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in Western Colorado to live healthy, happy and whole lives free from alcohol and drug addiction.

Bright Future Foundation   
Bright Future Foundation empowers families and individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. As Eagle County’s only community-based domestic violence and sexual assault agency, Bright Future Foundation serves clients with prevention, crisis intervention, advocacy, and long-term healing services.

Eagle County Health & Human Services
The Division of Health & Human Services provides income, nutrition and support services to those in need through federal, state and county funded programs.  

Swift Eagle
Swift Eagle gives grants for personal and living expenses to people in crisis or hardship situations (people affected by COVID-19 may fall under this criteria). Applicants must be Eagle County residents for a minimum of one year to qualify for a grant. A person may receive only one grant. To apply, please visit Swift Eagle Charitable Fund, and follow the instructions. 

Vail Valley Charitable Fund
Vail Valley Charitable Fund (VVCF) provides financial assistance to those suffering from a medical crisis or long-term illness. To apply, please visit the VVCF website and follow the instructions.

Vail Valley Salvation Army
Vail Valley Salvation Army provides emergency financial assistance and a local food pantry. Contact (970) 748-0704 for more information.