Live Well: Integrative Health

Alexa Maestranzi from Your Hope Center, and Colleen Teska, discuss "Integrative Health," or at-home tips to maintain your mental and physical health and wellness throughout the seasons.

Live Well: Compassion Fatigue

"Compassion Fatigue" is real, especially during these trying times. Lisa Hassin and Susie Kincade discuss strategies to combat compassion fatigue, and how you can renew your empathy for others.

Live Well: Embracing Anxiety

Do you feel nervous, sweaty and anxious before a major sporting event or important work presentation? That anxiety is real and it is not unique. Listen to Sami Gothberg from Your Hope Center and Dr. Harlan Austin from Howard Head Performance teach us ways to embrace this anxiety and move through it.

Live Well: Kindness and Compassion

In this video of the Live Well Series, Teresa Haynes of Your Hope Center, and Kala Bettis of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, sit down to discuss strategies to enhance your own courage and compassion, while referencing Brene Brown's work in "The Gifts of Imperfection."

Live Well: Mental Health Terms

Improve your thoughts and ways to cope with different levels of stress and emotional ups and downs. Learn more about mental health terms, what they mean and the signs and symptoms to look for.