Vail Health Behavioral Health is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community members and behavioral health leaders. The Vail Health Behavioral Health board of directors, administration and employees are committed to providing the critical change needed to ensure the vision for a robust, sustainable behavioral health system is realized.

Board of Directors

Amanda Precourt
Amanda Veit
Brooks Bock
Connie Wiegers
Dan Godec
Doris Kirchner
Jeff Shroll
John Higgins
Kent Logan
Magda King
Mike Galvin
Nicole Greener
Nadia Guerriero
Ryan Kenney
Sam Bronfman
Will Cook

Advisory Council

Vail Health Behavioral Health's work is strengthened by collaboration and partnership with more than 20 key organizations in the community:

Avon Police Department
Bright Future Foundation
Eagle County Human Services
Eagle County Paramedics
Eagle County Public Health
Eagle County School District
Eagle County Sheriff’s Office 
Eagle Valley Community Foundation
Early Childhood Partners
Mid-Valley Family Practice
My Future Pathways
Mountain Family Health Center
Mountain Youth
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Speak Up Reach Out
Vail Valley Partnership 
Your Hope Center

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