Addressing Technology Misuse

Children are experiencing increased depression and behavioral health issues at an alarming rate. Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D, talks about the positives and pitfalls of technology use today.

A Conversation on Identity, Inclusion, & Diversity in Sports

No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, Kate Fagan, for a conversation about the pressures of growing up LGBTQ+ in sports. It’s hard enough coming out, but playing basketball for a nationally ranked school and trying to figure out your sexual identity in the closeted and paranoid world of big-time college sports—that’s a challenge. Listen as Kate shares her struggles as a high-performance athlete and how identity has played a role in her career at ESPN and as an award-winning author. Learn how to make the world easier for our kids to take the first step toward embracing their true selves.

Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Dr. Elizabeth Jeglic presents key information and tips as to how you can protect your children from sexual abuse.

Building Resilience in Teens

More than ever teens have been met with a host of challenges with an endless expectation for them to adapt whether that is in school, spending time with friends, sports, isolating and more. It’s tough for our teens to thrive in this environment. Join Alex Yannacone, an expert in the field of mental health, for this important topic as she discusses skills and strategies to help teens build resilience, reduce stress and learn about resources available to them.

Your Kids Brain On Tech

Dr. Lisa Strohman, a clinical psychologist, co-author of Unplug and founder of The Digital Citizen Academy talks through the effects of technology on today's youth.

Building Resiliency in our Kids

Children are experiencing increased depression and behavioral health issues at an alarming rate. Sharon Raggio, LPC, LMFT, President & CEO of Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital talks about building resiliency and self-esteem in our kids.

Essential Conversations to Inspire

Presenter Jenny Woo is a Harvard-trained educator, TEDx speaker, mom of three and creator of the award-winning cards, 52 Essential Conversations. Her series of social-emotional learning games are recommended by parents, therapists and teachers in 50+ countries.

Insecurity, Comparison, and "Keeping Up" with Rosalind Wiseman

Join Rosalind Wiseman, a New York Times best-selling author, as she offers tips for creating a community in which our young people can thrive. Wiseman will discuss friendship, anxiety, social media use, conflict with friends and family, and the constant pressure to “keep up.” Learn how to better connect with our kids and teens, especially when they need us most.