Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) visit

Vail Health and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) manage a behavioral health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) called Mountain Strong. Vail Health employees and their family members are eligible to receive free behavioral health sessions with a dynamic and robust team of local, highly qualified and experienced behavioral health specialists. 

Mountain Strong provides coverage for individuals, family and couples therapy, as well as for medication management services. Appointments are available in-person, by telephone or virtually through telemedicine based on the needs and preference of the patient. The goal is to reduce barriers and increase access for eligible employees and their family members in need of behavioral health services. All information is kept confidential and no personally identifiable information is shared with Human Resources or any other employer staff.

Mountain Strong is a comprehensive database that will enables employees and their dependents to easily search for providers, receive service approval and directly connect with a provider. Go to and click 'Get Therapy' at the top of the screen to create a patient account and find a provider to best meet your needs.

If you would like help to determine which provider may be the best fit for your needs or if you are already seeing a therapist or have a need for a provider out of county or out of state, contact Mountain Strong

EAP Clinicians

Mountain Strong ensures all providers are appropriately licensed, registered and insured. Qualified local providers throughout the community are being recruited to participate in the EAP program to meet the behavioral health needs of our employees. Providers come from private practice; some providers live/work in Eagle County and others come from the Denver metro area to our community to ensure a diverse and qualified pool of clinicians.

If you are a provider or have worked with a provider who may be interested in joining the Mountain Strong program, please contact Mountain Strong.

Patients are entitled to receive information from providers about the methods of therapy, the techniques used, the expected duration of therapy, and any applicable fees that may not be covered through your EAP or medical coverage. You may stop your involvement in therapy at any time.   

It is also important to know that in a professional relationship (like a psychotherapy relationship), sexual intimacy is never appropriate and should be reported to the board that licenses, registers, or certifies the licensee, registrant or certificate holder. 

In Colorado, the practice of psychotherapy is regulated by the CO State Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Any questions, concerns or complaints may be directed to the Mental Health Licensing Section of the Division of Registrations 303-894-7800.

Please feel free to talk with your provider at any time should you have any questions about any of the information outlined above. For more licensure information click here.