Vail Health Behavioral Health works with community partners to provide a variety of prevention and education resources and events in Eagle County, Colorado.
Behavioral Health Navigators 
Behavioral health navigation is a service that helps Eagle County residents navigate the complex system of behavioral health care and connects people to available resources that best meet their needs when they experience barriers to access. It is intended to be a short-term service that educates people on their to long-term, sustainable solutions. 

Bright Future Foundation 
Bright Future Foundation offers parenting classes to Eagle County residents. These classes help people develop healthy, positive communication skills. They also assist in increasing the ability to engage in collaborative parenting strategies. 

Early Childhood Partners
Early Childhood Partners offers many programs for families including parenting classes, Family Connect Resource Center, Family Leadership Training Institute and much more.  

Hearts Reign
Hearts Reign is a latino community peer run organization who works to promote and strengthen the values of self help, mutual support, recovery activities, and advocacy in Eagle County. Hearts Reign exists to enhance mental health awareness, prevention and well being for people with mental health challenges, their caregivers and loved ones through support, education,  and resources.  

Mountain Youth
Mountain Youth rallies around the community, providing support, conversation, education and collaboration to help all young people in the Eagle County thrive.  

My Future Pathways
My Future Pathways designs, adapts and executes programs that create a positive life pathway. Their services help build trust and foster relationships.  

Red Ribbon Project
Red Ribbon Project empowers Eagle County teens by creating conversations on teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other STIs.  

SpeakUp ReachOut
SpeakUp ReachOut offers suicide prevention trainings. Efforts to prevent suicide are being implemented in our schools, workplaces and community centers. Their organization is here to educate anyone in our community who is interested in saving lives. 

UB.U is an education organization that builds hope, authenticity, and connection through brain health education, tools for resilience and present moment awareness.
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Vail Health's Eagle Valley Behavioral Health was established to serve as the backbone organization to lead the community collaboration in transforming the Eagle Valley behavioral health system.