5 Things to Do When You’re Depressed

Dr. Charles Raison is a psychiatrist, professor and the director of Vail Health's Behavioral Health Innovation Center. A former mental health expert for CNN Health, Dr. Raison speaks with Dr. Sunjay Gupta on Chasing Life, a CNN podcast that examines the brain in different states to spotlight what is going on in our heads and how it affects our bodies.

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Wars Abroad Can Hit Close to Home

Tips for Managing War Anxiety  While we often refer to Eagle County as a bubble, the people of our “happy valley” are not immune to the tragedies taking place abroad. For some, thinking about wars around the world...

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Cultivating Compassion Through Meditation

Since 2004, Dr. Charles Raison, Director of the Vail Health Behavioral Health Innovation Center and Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has conducted multiple medical studies regarding the benefits of compassion meditation.

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