Mountain Strong Peer Support: Give Support and Get Support

Vail Health and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) have launched a new Behavioral Health Peer Support Program. Participation is free.

Our Peer Support Group program offers ongoing group oriented care with a qualified and vetted group leader. A peer group is a gathering of 2-10 people with shared experience, to allow for healing through story telling. This is hosted by a trained peer leader to hold a respectful space for all to grow in their recovery. Peer groups can be held in agreed upon spaces generously provided by Vail Resorts, as well as cafes, libraries, or outdoors
  • What is peer support? Peer Support is when two or more people with similar experiences get together in person or electronically to share their experiences, to learn together how to move past the difficulties this has created in their lives, to give each other hope, and to support each other as they do the things they want to do and make their lives the way they want them to be.
  • Why is it helpful? Peer Support is another way in Eagle County to find a listening ear and a friendly face. It is an opportunity to talk with others who are experiencing similar things in their life. It can be a freeing experience as individuals realize “I am not alone”.
  • Who is it for? Peer Support can be used by anyone with any kind of life experience. 

  • How do you become a peer support group leader? To become a peer, an interested community member is to go through our website once live, and select “Give Support.” This will create a notification to me, who will contact them for an interview. Aside from a background check, our program wants to be comfortable knowing that peer leads are in a healthy place to take on this commitment. Once a person passes an interview, they are to attend the CU Johnson Depression Center 8 hour training series, as well as EVBH’s Resource Delivery Training. They will then be assigned to a Branch in order to arrange payment and begin work.




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