PLEASE NOTE this online directory has changed. Vail Health Behavioral Health's Eagle Valley Behavioral Health is now a designated Community Mental Health Center (CMHC). The therapists included in the online directory of this site must be registered under Eagle Valley Behavioral Health’s CMHC.

Looking for a list of behavioral health providers in Eagle County? Check out the directory of many local providers on It's important to note that there are providers on that are not a part of the Eagle Valley Behavioral Health's CMHC designation and are not required to contact individuals within 24 hours of first outreach.

When seeking behavioral health services, all patients have the right to be informed of the qualifications and credentials of the therapists with whom they seek to work. There are varying degrees and levels of professional qualifications which includes educational background, clinical training, supervision, as well as licensure and registration status. Learn more about how to choose a therapist that is right for you.

Additional information on Colorado and National Therapists can be found at

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